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Underground in the Fifties

The Angry No

The Transcendent Yes

Alternative Life Styles

The Tug of Gravity:Co-option, Absorption, and Shlock Rock

Artiness, Absurdity, and Excess

The Seventies: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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  1. How do we better know Robert Alan Zimmerman ?
  2. What was Frank Zappa's band called ?
  3. Jim Morrison was born Jim Morrisson (with a double s), what was his explanation for dropping the s ?
  4. Identify the band from this rare sound clip (90 KB real audio) -
  5. Who were the organisers of Woodstock (name the individuals) ?
  6. What was the name of the band originally formed by the Beatles ?
  7. Identify the singer from this sound clip (267 KB real audio) -
  8. Who were the Led-Zeppelin (name the members) ?
  9. Where did the name Pink Floyd come from?
  10. Identify the singer in this photograph
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