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"When you copy from one person it's plagiarism, when you copy from many it's research"

That should say it all. Apart from the enjoyable experience of putting this presentation together, what weighed the most in my mind was the fact that most of the material is not original. For the simple fact that being a child of the eighties I was looking at the sixties through the eyes of the historians of the sixties. But as an apology, I would say that it wasn't my fault that I was not born in time to witness the sixties; and by the same token neither was it my privilege.

I wish to acknowledge:

  1. The guidance and stimulus of Prof. Carlson who endured me during the course. I wish to thank all my classmates in 'Survey of Electronic Publishing' for asking questions that I was too ignorant to have thought of in class.

  2. My brother Ram, 'the fixer' in the family, who inspired me to use the David Pichaske book and for providing me a lot of links and help with image editors.

  3. Sai, without whom I would have never thought of my own web site in the first place and for his links to the online html tutorials.

  4. Dave Kristula, the webmaster at, for his wonderful html tutorial and for answering my rapid and sometimes irritating e-mails requesting help.

This site I find in retrospect is lengthy in terms of sustaining the readers concentration but not lengthy enough to cover the subject at hand. My advice to you reader is that if you get bored, then skim through the sound clips and pictures which are interesting and are a 'sign of their times'. Do use the suggested links to browse other and more interesting sites.

And do e-mail me with your invaluable suggestions.
Thank you for visiting my page.

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