Science Exercise
This is an exercise to prove that learning on the computer is both more fun and effective for early elementary children, than for students having to use workbooks, paper and pencils.

DIRECTIONS:On the left side of the page you will find numbered pictures of different animals we are studying. Match the numbered pictures with the names of the animals. After matching them together, submit your answers. After submitting your work, click on the pictures for more fun! (Most of the factual informational on this page came from the World Book Encyclopedia, various volumes, 1995)

Enter Your Name

1.[picture of an alligator]______________________________Cheetah

2.[picture of a butterfly]_______________________________Ladybug

3.[picture of an elephant]______________________________Alligator

4.[picture of a bat]______________________________Stegasarasaus

5.[picture of a giraffe]______________________________Butterfly

6.[picture of a snail]______________________________Dolphin


8.[picture of a stegosaurus]______________________________Bat

9.[picture of a dolphin]______________________________Snail

10.[picture of a ladybug]______________________________Giraffe

Social Studies Exercise


Literature Exercise