All India Radio

Growth and Development

The first radio program in India was broadcast by the Radio Club of Bombay in June 1923. It was followed by the setting up of the Broadcasting Service that began broadcasting in India in July 1927, on an experimental basis at Mumbai and Calcutta simultaneously. This was under an agreement between the government of India and a private company called the Indian Broadcasting Company Ltd.

When India became independent, the AIR network had only six stations located at Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Madras, Lucknow and Tiruchirapalli with a total complement of 18 transmitters -- six on the medium wave and the remaining on short wave.

Radio listening on medium wave was confined to urban limits of these cities. As against a mere 2,75,000 receiving sets at the time of independence, there are about 111 million estimated radio sets in about 105 million radio households in the country. Now the broadcast scenario has drastically changed with 177 broadcasting centers, including 65 local radio Stations, covering nearly almost 100 percent of the country's population.

News Services Division

The News Services Division (NSD) produces 89 bulletins in 19 languages and are relayed by several AIR stations. In addition to these bulletins, the regional news units, 41 in all, located in different parts of the country, produce as many as 134 regional and seven external news bulletins.

The News Services Division produces bulletins for listeners abroad, in 24 languages.

`Spotlight' in English and `Samayiki' in Hindi, broadcast everyday, deal with topical events/issues. The `Current Affairs' program is broadcast every Sunday, in which experts, eminent academicians, legislators and politicians express their views on national and international issues across the table. A similar program in Hindi entitled `Charcha ka Vishai Hai' is broadcast every Wednesday.

The composite news programs called `Samachar Prabhat' and `Morning News' in Hindi and English respectively, each of a duration of 15 minutes comprise a news bulletin, a commentary, and a look at the daily press in the capital. `Samachar Prabhat' and the `Morning News' are broadcast everyday at 8 a.m. and 8.15 a.m. respectively.

Research Department, AIR
AIR's Research Department, New Delhi

Research Department

AIR's research department was established in 1937. Set up primarily for propagation studies and planning of broadcasting services, it was augmented from time to time with the continued expansion of broadcast network. It is presently engaged in the development of radio and tv broadcasting, in the fields of acoustics, audio, video, transmission, automation, satellite, propagation and network planning.

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