It's amazing how we can go from one extreme to another. In the 80's there were many, although not high quality, game shows. In the 90's, many people turned away from the glitz and the glamour to talk shows and news magazines. The game show industry just couldn't keep up with Oprah, Sally Jesse, and Springer. So, they sort of closed up shop for a while, and only a few remained opened for business. The classic quiz show "Jeopardy," was originally hosted by the great Art Flemming from 1964 to 1984, when Alex Trebek took over. "Jeopardy" has also spun off several siblings, including a kid's version called "Jep!" and VH1's "Rock and Roll Jeopardy."

The "Wheel of Fortune" has been spinning since January 1975. It's original host was Chuck Woolery of "Love Connection" fame. Pat and Vanna took over the wheel in December 1981. The three contestants attempt to solve a hangman puzzle by guessing letters after spinning the wheel.