The United States of America : Imagery & Influence as Seen Through Corona Beer

As the world moves into the next century one can see the growing importance of information technology (IT) and its importance to the advancement of the "global village". The U.S. has played an immeasurable part in shaping the face of this future. Herbert Schiller said that, "while the U.S. role in the creation and reproduction of this worldwide consumer society has lessened, the supporting institutions and the content of the information still bear a heavy American imprint" (Schiller, 1993, p.47).

With the ever increasing presence of such globally viable corporations such as the transnational U.S. based Cable News Network (CNN) and transnational media-information corporations like Time Warner, Disney, and Murdoch, one can see why Edward Herman (as cited in Schiller, 1993, p.49) concluded that, "it therefore seems likely that the U.S. patterns of commercial hegemony over broadcasting will be gradually extended over the entire globe."

This site will explore that notion of influence through the examination of Corona Beer, its advertising, and the Mexican-American perception of those images within the advertising.