The literature suggests that there are other factors that influence the increased consumption of Corona Extra beer by Hispanics, more specifically Mexican-Americans, than simply the imagery seen in the advertising for Corona. If the ads themselves do not change but for the theme, then what causes the changes in those consumption patterns? What has changed, and continuing to change in the upcoming future, is that the U.S. society is shifting and moving towards a more diversely populated society, in terms of numbers within each group. Roberts (personal communication, November 23, 1998) stated that by the year 2050 Anglo-Americans would no longer be the majority segment. Instead, the ever-expanding Hispanic segment will be the largest group in the U.S. constituting a projected 42% of the entire population (Dr. M. Roberts, personal communication, November 23, 1998). This increase, coupled with the increased numbers that are receiving more education, suggests that an awareness and/or sensitivity to Hispanic American may be developing within mainstream America.

The images in the advertising of Corona Extra beer do not, on average, showcase people of Hispanic ethnicity nor does the advertising employ an appeal that would emulate Hispanics interests, more specifically Mexican-Americans, other than the one of assimilation. Instead there is a separate force that is driving this group to embrace its cultural roots. Quite possibly Hispanics Americans know what the future holds for them and are starting to celebrate now instead of waiting for someone, or some corporation, to make efforts to directly appeal to them through their cultural identity and viewpoints.