Elvis in Multimedia

Following Elvis' death in 1977, the glut of schlocky Elvis-related publications turned the very idea into some kind of cosmic joke. Play the word-association game with someone, and throw out the term "Elvis-related publication." Chances are, the response you get will have something to do with velvet tapestries or purple-splotched, mimeographed fan club newsletters containing song lyrics. Like anything else in the world, publishing costs money, and with a few notable exceptions, those keeping the Elvis faith didn't have enough to put out a first-rate publication. With the advent of the Internet, all that changed. For the price of an Internet connection, and perhaps a HTML guide, ANYONE could put up a quality Elvis-related site. The myth-making machinery sprang into action with new vigor. Of course, increased access brings some wrinkles with it. As with every other subject imagineable, this ease with which ideas could now be broadly disseminated meant that some far-fetched and narrrowly tailored publications were about to start cropping up en masse. A recent Alta Vista search returned 387,807 site matches for the query "Elvis". Below are links to some of those sites along with brief descriptions to give you an idea of the breadth of Elvis' web presence.

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