Elvis Presley. Perhaps the greatest entertainer of the 20th century. But to merely call him that is an understatement, a misjudgement of his impact, for the phenomon that is Elvis reaches far beyond the realm of "entertainer." They called him King, and in a way, that's much closer to explaining his position in American culture. On these pages, I've attempted to explain Elvis' importance as a cultural icon in America. To that end, I've broken things down into three subsets: Man, Myth and Multimedia. The Man section is a (very) brief chronicle of Elvis's life, touching only on the most salient
points, because to understand Elvis' impact on American society, you have to have a modicum of knowlege about his life. The Myth section is really what this site is all about. This is where I attempt, in some small way, to make sense of the cutural baggage attached to Elvis. The Multimedia section is an overview of Elvis-related web sites, just to give a taste of the wide range of the interpretations of Elvis. In the end, this is all highly subjective, I know. So please, let me know what you think -- good, bad or indifferent. Enjoy and remember: Elvis matters.
--Lenny Uptagraft