Barnes & Noble, Inc.

According their Annual Report, Barnes & Noble's merchandising strategy for its stores is to be "the authoritative community bookstore which carries a dominant selection of titles in all subjects, including an extensive selection of titles from small independent publishers and university presses." It launches its stores with a grand opening campaign involving extensive print and radio advertising, direct-mail marketing and community events.

Community involvement helps encourage customer loyalty, significant word-of-mouth publicity and free media coverage. The Company helps support the community through First Book, a national organization dedicated to providing books to children with little or no access to them outside of school. In addition, the Company is one of the leading sponsors of Writer's Harvest, an annual series of readings held across the country sponsored by Share our Strength, one of the nation's foremost anti-poverty organization.

The merchandising strategy is to be the authoritative community bookstore which caries a dominant selection of titles in all subjects. Each Barnes & Noble store carries from 60,000 to 175,000 titles, of which approximately 50,000 titles common to all stores. The rest is representative of what the lifestyles and interests of each individual store's customers. The company's buyers actually study the community before a store opens to customize the title selection. After it opens, they then adjust the buyers' selction to the lifestyles and demands of the store's local customers.

Since The Company launched, it has gained marketing and distribution deals with the Web's leading content, search and commerce sites. The deals include reach to high traffic sites such as Lycos, CNN Interactive, Discovery Channel Online, ZD Net, The New York Times, Time, Inc., New Media and USA Today. All the affiliates earn commission based on sales generated from the traffic they direct to In addition, the Company has joined with Disney Online, for which is the exclusive bookseller and in return operates a Disney bookstore on the site.

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