, Inc. has a main objective to become the best place to buy, find and discover any product or service available online. will continue to enhance and broaden its brand, customer base and electronic commerce expertise with the goal of creating customers' preferred online shopping destination, in the United States and around the world.

The company plan to achieve their objectives is to use marketing and promotion. Their marketing strategy is designed to strengthen the Amazon brand name, increase customer traffic to the Web sites, build customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases and develop incremental product and service revenue opportunities. creatively applies technology to deliver personalized programs and services, as well as flexible merchandising. The Company employs a variety of media, business development and promotional methods to achieve these goals. The Company also benefits from public relations activities as well as online and traditional advertising, including radio, television and print media.

The Company extends its market presence through its Associates Program, which enables associated Web sites to make products available to their audiences with order fulfillment by Approximately 200,000 Web sites have enrolled in the Associates Program. associates include Yahoo! Inc. ("Yahoo!"), America Online, Inc. ("AOL"), Excite,Inc., Netscape Communications Corporation, GeoCities, Microsoft Corporation and AltaVista Company.

The 'Advantage for Books and Music' program is designed to increase the visiblity and sales of titles from independent publishers, authors, artists and labels. This free program provides the tools and framework to ensure their books and music appear more often, more prominently, and with 24-hour availability throughout's catalogs of book, music and other titles.

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