The training effects of exercise

Exercise not only makes you look and feel great, it has some hidden advantages usually overlooked by the average person.  For example, there is a(n):

  1. increase in no & size of capillaries producing a greater volume of blood for working muscles
  2. increases stores of energy
  3. enlargement of slow twitch fibers for greater endurance & fast twitch for power
  4. develop of fat burning ability

Your Resting Pulse

This is a good indication of the state of your current physical condition
The best time to check your own RP is first thing in the morning after waking.
A daily record of this will give you feedback on how you are recovering from the previous days workout.

The Maximum Heart Rate

This is the maximum rate your heart can reach
It is used in designing your training session and will need to undertake a max heart test

Anaerobic Threshold

This is the point when your body moves from primary relying on the aerobic metabolism to the anaerobic metabolism.
It is only available for short periods due to the build up of lactic acid.