Now What

And Now What?

"Give the people what they want." This is the motto behind all industries, and television news is just that. As long as television news magazines continue to draw ratings, they will be a mainstay of prime time programming. During the 1990's, scandals of all sorts have become part of the American culture. They have permeated the tapestry of out news programming. There seems to be no end in sight of a return to serious reporting. Sex and violence sells, all the better if a celebrity is involved. What was once the domain of tabloid has become the property of journalists, and they show no sign of letting it go.

Why audience want this this type of news poses a more difficult question, something akin to that old standard about the chicken and the egg. Do networks provide it because they want to watch it, or do they watch it because it is what the networks provide? It seeems that the answer may be a little bit of both. Of course, economics plays it's own role. Without profits, no newsroom can function. Whatever the case, prime time news magazines have evolved during the last ten years, and they have obviously prospered.

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