What do the employees want?

The employees of Borders, Inc. have been told that they are what make the stores work. Unfortunately, Borders, Inc. always forgets to show them that on pay day. Simply put, these employees only want what every worker wants: to be treated fairly and compensated adequately. Borders employees want to feel that their jobs will be stable. They want to make sure that they get a chance to make a livable wage.

These things have been sought by Borders' employees from their unions. Based on the Lincoln Park, Illinois contract, they have been able to guarantee raises, from $6 to $6.50 an hour. They have also made sure that leadership positions will be filled, not left vacant as is per usual.

One important improvement was the increase in the number of hours per week an employee can work. It was set at 37.5 hours before the contract, now an employee can request and get 40 hours a week. This was considered a major issue for older employees who count on that extra amount on their checks.

They also lowered the number of hours needed for full time to 32 instead of 35. This helps employees obtain health benefits.

The contract did not just center around money, though. They also fought for stability in the workplace. Borders, Inc. cannot replace full- or part-time workers with contingent workers. They also must give notification ahead of time if they are to lay-off employees. This has been a problem in the past for Borders, and the Lincoln Park employees are now protected from that.

Employees are also safe from "at will" firing. Before, Borders' employees could be fired for any reason or "at will". Now, Borders' managers must give cause before firing someone.

The fate that befell Miriam Fried, the employee from Philadelphia Borders #22 for being outspoken about unionizing her store, has been felt by many employees that remain at Borders, Inc. They push for her reinstatement, and for the end of their anti-union ways. The only way they feel they can accomplish this is if more stores unionize. This way, Borders is forced into accepting union workers.

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