Basic schedule

4:10 - Arrive at Mt. Olive. Sign in and pick up name tag.

4:15 - Volunteer meeting begins. Volunteers will recieve any important information about the day.

4:30 - Volunteers and their assigned "buddy" will begin one-on-one tutoring. Emphasis will be on using the "step-by-step" method and the feedback formula whenever possible.

5:25 - Lights are flashed to signal snack time. Volunteers assist the students in wrapping up activities and cleaning up their area.

5:30 - Snack. Volunteers should model prompt behavior for the students.

5:40 - Begin to clean up snack area. Encourage students to clean up early so skills training can begin on time.

5:45 - Skills training begins. Assist in lesson or presentation as needed. Support students seated next to you in their efforts to become involved. Participate in activities and discussion when appropriate, modeling behaviors students should follow (i.e. maintaining eye contact, sitting up straight etc...)

6:15 - Skills training concludes and sharing time begins. Be sure to stress the positive behaviors students have exhibited using the feedback formula, remember to personalize your comments.

6:30 - Center ends. Greet the parents as they pick up their children. Watch out for their safety in the parking lot. Discuss the child's progress as well as any goals the parents may help their child achieve. Kindly remind students that their parents need to sign them out.

Program Guidelines and Helpful Suggestions
  • Upon arriving at the center you must sign in and where your name tag at all times. Upon leaving, make sure to sign out of the volunteer log book.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, but please do not wear tank tops or other revealing clothing.

  • Introduce yourself to all staff members and parents.

  • Make an attempt to get to know all the children by name. Be sure to greet them everyday you volunteer.

  • If your volunteer work is part of a class requirement, your attendance at training seminars is required and will count toward the hours needed to fulfill your commitment. These seminars are designed to teach you how to work more effectively with the children. Seminar attendance by other volunteers is optional but encouraged.

  • Be firm with a child if the need arises. Do not allow a child to be rude to you or anyone else. If you should encounter any discipline or management problems that you cannot handle, please consult a staff member for assistance.

  • If you should encounter a discipline problem that cannot be corrected by a minor reprimand:

    • Tell the child quietly but firmly, what he or she is doing wrong. Explain to the child why his or her behavior is unacceptable and what behavior is more appropriate. Make sure to be specific.

    • Watch to see if he or she complies. If not, inform the child that he or she will be dismissed unless the behavior is modified. Be sure to praise the child when appropriate behavior occurs.

    • If the inappropriate behavior persists, remove the child from the session for a few minutes. This will begin "time out." During this time you should go directly to a teacher or staff member to discuss what disciplinary action should be taken. After this "time out," the child will be allowed to return to the session with you.

  • Be sure to consult with a staff member for help in your one-on-one tutoring sessions. Find out the preferred methods for teaching particular skills so that you can provide the most effective academic assistance for the students.

  • Honor the confidentiality of the children and staff members. Never use names in any reports, or discuss specific children and their families outside of center.

  • When discussing a child with a staff member, remember that your conversation could be overheard and your words misunderstood. Don't forget that children have feelings too.

  • Never use derogatory words with regards to the children or their families. Every child is worthy of respect.

  • Never contact children or their families outside of center without prior permission or instruction from a staff member.

  • Under no circumstances will a child leave the center with someone other than his or her parent or legal guardian. The only exception is when prior permission has been given or there is a medical emergency.

  • Never transport a child in your private vehicle. Any necessary transportation will be provided by the program.

  • Please honor your commitement by reporting on time for all assignments. If you plan on being absent, please notify the volunteer coordinator or another staff member as soon as possible.

  • Try to relax...and remember to smile.

  • Volunteer Responsibilities

    1. Show up for scheduled shifts and be on time.

    2. Involve and encourage your "buddy" to participate in center activities.

    3. Stay focused and on task.

    4. Praise your "buddy's" success behaviors and give feedback to your student.

    5. Apply learned techniques (i.e. the step-by-step method and feedback formula.)

    6. Give advanced notice about absences from center.

    7. Encourage success behaviors.

    8. Follow education center procedures.

    9. Try to avoid absences from center - remember your "buddy" is counting on you.

    10. Those students participating in the program must contact the volunteer coordinators and submit the appropriate forms.