Mt. Olive Philosophy

"All children can learn and all adults can teach. They simply need to be challenged."

"All children can achieve some measure of success and all adults can help them succeed. They only need to be motivated."

"All children have strengths and all adults can help them discover them. They simply must make the time to do so."

"All children are different and all adults play a role in making these differences positive and special."

"African-American children are like all children. They too are different and special."

elcome to the Mt. Olive Education Center, a research-based model partnership program sponsored by the University of Florida and its Department of Psychology.
This site is intended for those who may be interested in volunteering at the Mt. Olive Education Center.

he ultimate goal of the program is to empower African-American children for academic and social success through fostering a sense of self-motivation and self-control in a controlled environment. Additionaly, the program encourages and facilitates the development of academic and social skills by celebrating the students' positive efforts and accomplishments through modeling self-praise. Reaching this goal depends on the volunteers who want to positively impact the lives of these children.

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