Bulk E-mail
" . . . any group of messages sent via e-mail, with substantially identical content, to a large number of addresses at once."
Commercial E-mail
" . . . any e-mail message sent for the purposes of distributing information about a for-profit institution, soliciting purchase of products or services, or soliciting any transfer of funds. It also includes commercial activities by not-for-profit institutions."
E-mail Harassment
"Any message or series of messages sent via e-mail that meet the legal definition of harassment."
Junk E-mail
See Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
"Delivery of enough e-mail to a mailbox to overload the mailbox or perhaps even the system that the mailbox is hosted on."
See Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE)
"E-mail with substantially identical content sent to many recipients who did not ask to receive it. Almost all UBE is also UCE . . . "
Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE)
"Unsolicited e-mail is any e-mail message received where the recipient did not specifically ask to receive it." Also known as spam or junk e-mail.
The terms listed above are from the E-mail Abuse FAQ web site.


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