Anti-UCE Organizations
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
CAUCE is a popular international volunteer organization dedicated to pressuring government leaders to pass various types of e-mail privacy legislation. It is an ad hoc group composed of everyday Internet users. In 1997,CAUCE proposed an amendment to the Federal statute which outlaws junk "faxes" (47 USC 227) to also prohibit junk e-mail. monitors direct marketers and campaigns for consumer privacy.
Forum for Responsible and Ethical E-mail
The mission of the Forum for Responsible and Ethical E-mail (FREE) is to stop the practice of sending unsolicited boilerplate broadcast messages through e-mail. FREE recognizes that because of the cost-shifting aspects of unsolicited broadcast e-mail, the recipients and the providers who unwittingly assist in the delivery of such messages bear the majority of the cost. Therefore, it is our belief that such practice is unethical and must be replaced by a system that requires recipients to agree beforehand to receive such messages.
Mail Abuse Prevention System
MAPS is a California nonprofit company whose goal is to stop the Internet's e-mail system from being abused by Spammers. Our principal means of doing this is by educating and encouraging ISP's to enforce strong terms and conditions prohibiting their customers from engaging in abusive e-mail practices.
Network Abuse Clearinghouse
The Network Abuse Clearinghouse is intended to help the Internet community to report and control network abuse and abusive users.
The is a new group dedicated to informing the public about UCE. They also offer help and support groups to individuals who have been "Spammed."
Spam Busters
Spam Busters is an e-mail list discussion group designed encourage discussion of e-mail Spamming; however, no quality information concerning the organization is presented. Join at your own risk.

Anti-UCE Organizations

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