Current Legislation
There has been a lot of debate over the use of UCE or "Spam" in Washington. In the past, the majority of Internet bills have failed-including all UCE and "Spam" specific legislation.
Bill S. 759
The bill, proposed by Senators Murkowski and Torricelli " . . . would require valid contact information to be included in unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) messages, would prohibit forgery of headers, and would require the honoring of "remove" requests" (CAUCE).
Bill S. 699
Introduced by Senator Ron Wyden, the bill would " . . . direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to launch a consumer outreach campaign educate senior citizens and raise awareness about the dangers of telemarketing fraud and fraud over the Internet" (CAUCE).
Bill H.R. 612
The bill, created by Representative Robert Weygand, is the House of Representatives version of S. 669.
Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991
"Under United States telecommunications law, it's technically illegal to send someone unsolicited advertising over any common carrier telephone, or telephone data device, such as a FAX machine. A computer connected to a modem and a printer can serve as a FAX machine, and can be regarded as a FAX machine if you stretch the point" (Death to Spam: a guide to unwanted e-mail).

Current Legislation