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Grandma Harrell

The Webmaster, Amy Moulden,
with her great-grandmother
Annie Laura Barry Harrell about 1974.

The information contained on The Harrell Family Web site has been compiled by members of the family, not by a professional. Some family members have spent many years working to collect the materials you see in this site. Some of the family history has come from Julia Harrell Mann, a descendant of Samuel James; Maureen Poole, a descendant of Henry Matthews; Doris Harrell White and Fred Harrell Mathews, both descendants of William Hazel Harrell; and Edna Mae Weeks and Dorothy "Dot" Cox, both descendants of Joseph Colley Harrell.

If you find conflicting information on this site and would like to know how the information was obtained, or if you would like to add additional information, please contact one of the following Harrell family members:

Amy Moulden

Millie Moulden

Dot Cox

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