Joseph Colley

Joseph Colley
Harrell (1829-1908)

Joseph was the third child of John Spencer and Nancy Ausley Harrell. He was born May 6, 1829, in Robeson County, North Carolina. The family moved to Lowndes County, Georgia, in 1833. He married Nancy Holloway on December 23, 1852, in Thomas County, Georgia. Nancy was the daughter of James and Judith Hendry Holloway. Joseph and Nancy lived in Lowndes County, near his family and continued the family tradition of farming.

In the later part of 1859, Nancy's parents decided to move to Florida. Joseph and Nancy decided to make the move with them. At the time they had three children, John Quincy, James Madison and Mary Jane. They traveled together by wagon, finding their way to the present homesite. The Harrell family settled in New River, (now Bradford), County. The Holloway family settled in Alachua County.

Joseph built a log house for his family and started farming on quite a large homestead. Seven children were born to them after the move to Florida. The family attended the Primitive Baptist Church while living in Georgia. In 1876 and early 1877, a group, including Joseph and his sons, built the New Hope Primitive Baptist Church across from the Santa Fe River. James Madison died from a heat stroke while working on the roof of this building. This was the church home for Joseph and his family as long as they lived. Joseph, Nancy and nine of their children are buried there. Many of their descendants are also buried there. Joseph died on October 30, 1908. Nancy died May 4, 1918.

Their great grandson still spends much of his time on the home place. He says it is so quite and peaceful there.

Their children were:
  1. John Quincy Harrell (1852-1936). Married Georgian Amanda Johnson (1857-1943). They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  2. James Madison Harrell (1855-1877). Buried at Old Bradford Cemetery.
  3. Mary Jane Harrell (1859-1917). Married Matthew Docton Lynn. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  4. Virginia Ella Harrell (1860-1921). Married James C. Crews. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  5. Joseph Willard Harrell (1862-1938). Married Nancy Darrah Cone and Ida Marie Dyal. Joseph and Darrah are buried at New Hope, and Ida at Myrtle Street Cemetery in Tampa, Florida.
  6. William M. Harrell (1865-1926). Married Beulah Lee Raburn. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  7. Lee S. Harrell (1869-1932). Married Adeline Amanda Moore. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  8. Ida H. Harrell (1873-1959). Married Thomas Lee Weeks. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  9. Annie H. Harrell (1875-1939). Married John G. Brooker. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  10. Wade Hampton Harrell (1879-1965). Married Annie Dukes. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.

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