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Joseph Colley Harrell family home
in Pine Hill (Brooker), Florida

Researchers have found the surname Harrell established along the Scottish-English border about 400 A.D. Many families lived as clannish groups, and they often engaged in feuds. In the early 1600s, some of these clans were sent to Scotland and Ireland. Some were sent to the Colonies. They settled along the eastern coast from Newfoundland to Virginia and the Carolinas. This seems to fit in well with the early records of our family.


Thomas Harrell was born about 1660 in England. He and a brother came to the United States and settled in Virginia. Little is known about them. He died in Nansemond County, Virginia.

JOHN HARRELL, ELDER (1700 -1759)

John Harrell, Elder was the son of Thomas Harrell. He was born in 1700 in Nansemond County, Virginia. He was married to Grace -- about 1729. He died in 1759 in Bertie County, North Carolina.

JOHN HARRELL JR. (1730-1775)

John Harrell Jr. was the son of John Harrell, Elder. He was born in 1730 in Bertie County, North Carolina. He was married to Mary Williams. His will was dated November 8, 1775, in Bertie County, North Carolina.

ELISHA HARRELL (1752-1813)

Elisha Harrell was the son of John Jr. and Mary Williams Harrell. The family moved from Bertie County to Bladen County around 1770. Elisha was married to Pheraba Fort about 1789. She was the daughter of Joseph Fort, who also had come to Bladen County from Bertie County. Joseph's father, Elias Fort, had settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, during the mid-17th century. Pheraba was born in 1760 and died in 1827 in Robeson County, North Carolina.

Elisha was a farmer. He also was involved with the gathering and processing of the sap or tar from pine trees. He had quite a large amount of property, animals, equipment and slaves.

Elisha enlisted in Col. James Moore's Regiment of the Continental Line from North Carolina on May 20, 1776, and discharged on January 16, 1779. Elisha died in 1813 in Robeson County, North Carolina.

They had six children.
  1. HARDY HARRELL was married to Sarah McNeil. He died on August 12,1869.
  2. JAMES FORT HARRELL was married to Ann Jenkins on February 13, 1824. He died on March 14, 1860.
  3. JOHN SPENCER HARRELL was born in 1804. He married Nancy Ausley on September 22, 1825. He died September 14, 1871. Nancy was born in 1800. She died in 1864.
  4. ELLENDER HARRELL married William Carlile.
  5. CHARITY HARRELL married Thomas Humphrey.
  6. MARY HARRELL married -- McNeil.


John Spencer was the third child of Elisha and Pheraba Fort Harrell. He was born in 1804 in Robeson County, North Carolina. He was married to Nancy Ausley on September 22, 1825, in Robeson County. Nancy was born in 1800 at Cape Fear, Chatham County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Jesse and Susan Poff Ausley. Jesse was a planter. Susan Poff Ausley was the granddaughter of Andrew Poff Sr., who came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before 1779.

John worked with his father, Elisha, in the production of naval stores. They also were involved in making barrels, as they used many of these in their business.

John was coroner of Robeson County and active in civic and community affairs. He inherited much land, stock and slaves from his father. Robeson County records show that on February 12, 1833, John S. Harrell sold all of his North Carolina possessions and moved farther south. He and Nancy, along with five children, settled in the part of Lowndes County, Georgia, that is now Brooks County. There were six more children added to their family.

Their children are:
  1. MARGARET HARRELL was born in 1823 in Robeson County, North Carolina.
  2. JESSE HARRELL was born in 1827. He was married to Elizabeth --.
  3. JOSEPH COLLEY HARRELL was born in 1829. He married Nancy Holloway.
  4. ELIZABETH HARRELL was born in 1831. She married W. H. Rodgers,
  5. WILLIAM HAZEL HARRELL was born in 1833 in Robeson County, North Carolina. He married Sarah Ann Albritton on November 28,1850. They are buried at Cherry Lake Memorial Cemetery, Madison County, Florida.
  6. MERRITT AUSLEY HARRELL was born in 1835 in Lowndes County, Georgia. He married Perlina McDonald on March 4, 1858.
  7. JOHN S. HARRELL JR. was born in 1837. He married Cynthia Folsom on February 23, 1865.
  8. SAMUEL JAMES HARRELL was born in 1839. He married Laura Jane Albritton on May 20, 1858.
  9. HENRY MATTHEW HARRELL was born March 16, 1841. He married Isabelle Saffronia Wood(s) in 1859 or 1860 in Brooks County, Georgia.
  10. DAVID HARVEY HARRELL was born in 1843. He married Emily Wood, on December 28, 1865.
  11. CHERRY ANN HARRELL was born in 1844 in Cherry Lake, Florida. She married Wesley McCormick on November 11, 1860.

John Spencer Harrell died September 14, 1871. Nancy Ausley Harrell died about 1864. They are buried in Brooks County, Georgia.

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