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William Holloway (RS 1757 - 1850)

William Holloway, a Revolutionary Soldier, was born in North Carolina on April 1, 1757. He died August 15, 1850 in Brooks County, at his home on a place now known as Bull, about six miles northeast of the present town of Barwick. He was buried in Bethel Cemetery, in Brooks County. His grave was marked June 10, 1851 by DAR Hannah Clarke Chapter, Quitman, Georgia.

He was married twice, the first time to Orpha ________ believed to be half Cherokee Indian. They were married in North Carolina about 1789. She died in Bulloch County, Georgia, about 1825.

William married the second time to Sarah Yeomans on December 30, 1826, in Bulloch County. She is known as Mrs. Sarah Holloway on the church records of Bethel Church, Brooks County, and was received by letter in August 1828 and expelled June 4, 1831, for reason of long absence, having moved out of reach of the church and also for her "disorderly walk". According to her grandson, the facts of her case were that she was dissatisfied with her new home in the frontier county, to which her husband had brought her from Bulloch county, and desired to return to her old home. Fail in her importunities to return, she went back anyway and was adjudged guilty of "disorderly walk". There were no children of this marriage.

William moved his family from Bulloch to Thomas County in 1827, settling in the territory that is now Brooks County.

He was commissioned as a Captain in the Bulloch County Militia in the 45th District on May 15, 1804 and served several years. He served as Justice of the Peace in the 638th District of Thomas County (1828-1829) and in the 763rd District (1830-1832 and again 1838-1841). In the Revolutionary War William served in the North Carolina Militia.

His will, dated November 2, 1844, was probated in Thomas County on October 2, 1850. His sons, William, James, and Griffin, and his son-in-law, James Alderman, were named as executors. His last years were spent with his son, Griffin.

The children by his first wife, Orpha, were:
  1. Lavina Holloway (b. 1790) married Tarleton Smith and moved west.
  2. Nancy Holloway (b. August 4, 1792) married Ansel Parrish on February 26, 1814.
  3. Mathew Holloway (1797-1840) married _______ Wilson. No issue.
  4. William Holloway, Jr. (b. 1802) married Elizabeth Edmundson (b. 1801, Bulloch County, daughter of Isaac Edmundson. They had five children: William r., David J., Lavinia, Harriet, and John W.
  5. James Holloway (b. 1805) married Judith Hendry, daughter of John.
  6. Roxie Ann Holloway (b. 1808) married James Alderman (b. February 19, 18091), son of David Alderman (RS).
  7. Catherine Holloway (b. 1814) married Jesse J. Albritton, son of Mathew.
  8. Susannah Holloway (b. 1819) married William Smith on January 8, 1835.
  9. Griffin Holloway (b. March 29, 1822, Bulloch County; d. October 6, 1901, brooks County) married Sinah Selph (b. February 11, 1842), daughter of Thomas Selph, on June 9, 1842.
  10. Orpha Lee Holloway (b. 1825) married Lasa Adams (b. May 13, 1811), son of Dennis Adams, on April 17, 1842. They had five children; Rhoda Ann, Jane, Irene, James C and Cason F. Adams.

From "Brooks County Georgia,
Echoes of Its People"

James William Holloway (1805)

James Holloway was the fifth child of William and Orpha Holloway. He was born in 1805 in Bulloch County, Georgia. He was married to Judith Nancy Hendry about 1835. She was the fourth child of John Hendry and Catherine McFail (McPhail). She was born April 16, 1817, in Liberty County, Georgia.

James Father moved his family to Thomas County in 1827, in the area that is now a part of Brooks County. In 1859 James and Judith made their move to Florida. They settled in Alachua County. Their daughter, Nancy and her husband, Joseph Harrell and their three children, John Quincy, James Madison and Mary Jane made the move with them. James was a farmer, growing crops that enabled the family to live off the land mostly. For income he probably planted cotton, as most of the farmers did at that time.

All of their children came to Florida with them except Shadrach. He would have been about fifteen at the time. It is believed that he had already died at that time as no record of him has been found.

The exact time of their death is not known. They are buried in the old Bradford Cemetery in Bradford County, Florida.

They had eight children:
  1. James was born in 1837 in Thomas County, Georgia. He married Martha J. Strickland. She was born in 1841 in Georgia.
  2. Nancy Holloway was born March 26, 1838 in Thomas County, Georgia. She died May 4, 1918. She married Joseph Colley Harrell. He was born on May 6, 1829 in Robeson County, North Carolina. He died on October 30, 1908. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery.
  3. William Holloway was born October 24, 1841 in Thomas County, Georgia. He died June 24, 1862. He married Laura Sweat. She was born in 1821 in Emanuel County, Georgia.
  4. Elizabeth Holloway was born in 1843 in Thomas County, Georgia. She is buried at New Hope Cemetery. She married John Rainey.
  5. Shadrach Holloway was born in 1844 in Thomas County, Georgia.
  6. Susan Holloway was born in 1845 in Thomas County, Georgia. She married Ransom Cason. He was born in 1836 in Alachua County, Florida.
  7. Orpha Lee Holloway was born in 1847 in Thomas County, Georgia. She married John Hill. They are buried at Old Bradford Cemetery, in Bradford County, Florida.
  8. John G. Holloway was born in July 1850 in Thomas County, Georgia.

Nancy Holloway (1838-1918)

Nancy was the second child of James and Judith Hendry Holloway. She was born on March 26, 1838 in Thomas County, Georgia. She married Joseph Colley Harrell on December 23, 1852, in Thomas County, Georgia. They lived in Lowndes (now Brooks) County near Joseph's family. They continued with farming as both of their families before them.

In the later part of 1859 Nancy's parents decided to make a move to Florida. Nancy and Joseph decided to join them in the move. They traveled together by wagon bringing as much of their possessions as possible. At the time they had three children, John Quincy, James Madison, and Mary Jane. Mary Jane was only several months old at the time.

The Holloway family settled in Alachua County. The Harrell family settled in New River County (now Bradford). Their new home was near the small community of Pine Hill, now known as Brooker. He built a log house and soon was farming on quite a large homestead. Nancy had seven more children after their move to Florida. She was quite a busy lady caring for her large family. She kept old spilling wheel busy creating fabric that she would be sewing into clothing for her family. Much of the sewing done at that time was by hand. The girls had only one good dress at a time. Sometime it would take a year to make a dress from spinning cotton to finishing. They grew their own cotton. They practically lived off the land. Joseph died on October 30, 1908. Nancy died on May 4, 1918. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery, near LaCrosse in Alachua County.

The Hendry family moved further south. Hendry County, Florida is named for this family.

Orpha Lee Holloway (b. 1847)

Orpha Lee was the seventh child of James and Judith Hendry Holloway. She was born in Thomas (Brooks) County, Georgia. She moved with her family to Florida in 1859 when she was about twelve years old. They lived in Alachua County. She married John Hill. They lived across the Santa Fe River from her sister, Nancy. It is not known exactly when they died. They are buried at the Old Bradford Cemetery across the river from New Hope Church.

John and Orpha had nine children:
  1. James (Jim) Hill married Nancy Markee.
  2. Martha married Emmett Burnett.
  3. Albert Hill married Alice Harris
  4. Mandy Hill married Bob Dato.
  5. Laura Hill married Fred Conerly.
  6. Alice Hill married _____ Quick.
  7. Rhoda Hill married S. Chancy.
  8. Lorenza Hill married Loca Reeves.
  9. Lige Hill married Kate Parker.

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