Henry Matthew

Henry and Isabelle
Saffronia Wood(s)

(Aug. 20, 1996)
Henry Matthew Allbritton Harrell was born on March 16, 1841, in Lowndes County, Georgia. He was the ninth child of John S. Harrell and Nancy Ausley, both natives of North Carolina, having migrated to Georgia.

Isabelle Saffronia Wood(s) was born on May 25, 1844. She was the daughter of Wood(s) and Susie Allbritton.

The date of their marriage is unknown, but it believed to have been circa 1859-1860 in Brooks County, Georgia.

  1. William Jackson "Billy" Harrell (June 20,1861 - Dec. 16, 1929) Married on August 28, 1883, to Mary Ann Guthrie. Descendants live in and around Polk and Hillsborough counties in Florida.
  2. Nancy Susanna "Annie" Harrell (Jan. 9, 1866 - Feb. 24, 1901) Married on November 14, 1881, to "Math" Matthew Merritt.
  3. Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Harrell (Feb. 4,1866 - Jan. 15, 1959) Married on Nov. 18, 1883, to William Henry Revels. The Revels line is descended from this union. The Revels family is still living in Sumter County, Florida, in the small settlement of Linden, where this couple lived and raised their family.
  4. George Thomas Harrell (March 4, 1870 - July 25, 1933) Married to Lennie Drawdy
  5. Augusta Virginia Harrell (April 23, 1872 - Jan. 4, 1930) Married to Robert Fussell
  6. Hardy Preston Harrell (Sept. 5, 1874 - Feb. 4, 1926) Married to Katy Randell
  7. Hunter Henry Harrell (Nov. 7,1876 - Nov. 1930) Married Berta Annetta Harrell, daughter of Elisha G. "Spain" Harrell and Mary Jane Fuqua. Two children - a daughter, Maisie Harrell, born April 24, 1913, and a son, Carlos Harrell, born July 7, 1915.
  8. Calista Jane "Callie" Harrell (Dec. 23, 1878 - April 25, 1903) Married William "Bill" Wood(s) (A first cousin.)
  9. Martha "Mattye" Saffronia Harrell (Aug. 13, 1880 -1926) Married Thomas "Tom" Blanton
  10. Ella Christia Harrell (Aug. 22, 1883 - June 6, 1964) Married James "Jim" Merritt
  11. James Arthur Harrell (Nov. 18, 1885 -1982) Married Alice Wells

As you can see from the above documentation, this family is quite large and will require much more research.

If, after this material, you feel that you may have any information relative to this family, please contact the researcher and compiler below:

Eula Maureen Hughes Poole
P. O. Box 1664
Spring Hill, TN 37174
(great-great-granddaughter of Henry M. A. Harrell, great-granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Harrell Revels)

It appears that Henry Matthew Allbritton Harrell and his wife, Isabelle Saffronia Wood(s), left Brooks County (formally a part of Lowndes County), Georgia, circa 1875 or 1876. Henry M. Harrell appeared on the voter rolls in Brooks County, Georgia, on June 27, 1867. Their first known child born in Florida was Hunter Henry Harrell in 1876.

Henry Matthew Allbritton Harrell died on May 13, 1910, in Lake County, Florida.

Isabelle Saffronia Wood(s) Harrell died on September 15,1909, in Lake County.

Both are buried in the Empire Cemetery, just south Mascotte in the Bay Lake area, in Lake County.

As of this writing, the descendants are in the process of obtaining new headstones for their graves.

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