So why do you pay so much to see some performers? They're good, right? But there's more, much more. They connect. They make you feel comfortable to "give it up". Give what up? Your self-identity, to blend in with them and trust they'll take you wherever they go and bring you back. And be glad you went. Want to know how they do it? Liv's your guy!

So Livingston has written a book titled Stage Performance to be published by Simon and Schuster in January, 2000. He has taught performance on stage for musicians at Berklee College of Music in Boston since 1985.

With such chapters as "The conversation of performance", "External noise, internal silence", "Jimmy Buffett and the art of talking to your audience", Livingston's book looks to be another example of a life lived well and a song to share with everyone.

I have the remarkable opportunity of producing a public television special with Livingston, his students and the connection he helps them make with their audience through their music.

The problem with producing is that what looks bright one day can look dim the next. Between the product and the production are a lot of dots that need to be connected. They're never numbered and they can shift or disappear completely. So now the ball, as well as Livingston, will be at Simon and Schuster in New York on the days that were set aside for our meeting with a public television station in Miami. We'll see what happens after that.

But for all that can happen, there are few things that compare to the exhileration of the 'imagineering' of a video project, of finding the image, the technical expertise and the money to do it right.

Here's hoping it happens. Tinterhooks until May 1st.

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