Veja Du All Over Again!

"It's good to be the Cadillac" reads the ad copy. There's this unsettling feeling of deja vu's evil twin "veja du", the feeling, as pundit Gary Arlen posited, of being someplace you really never wanted to be. Again.

Sounds like the same old place in the 1980's that gave rise to a popular poster. "Poverty Sucks!" read the caption. The picture was the yuppie fantasy of mink-clad sex object next to arrogant yup with martini glass in hand and his foot on bumper of a Rolls-Royce. Sort of a Tom Wolfe Bonfire of the Vanities without turning the 700 plus pages. And no catharsis.

Seems like it's only a few centuries direct link to "Let them eat cake". And that turned out so very well, didn't it?

Of course an ad campaign isn't social policy. Doesn't necessarily reflect attitude accurately either. But neither is it out of the wild blue yonder. There's gold in them thar social ills, or agency heads would roll.

"It's good to be the absolute" (vodka included) resonates quite a bit lately: It's good to be the Cadillac of countries. Parity Sucks! Let them eat lies. Or, as Rush said, "What good is being the world's only remaining superpower if you don't use it?"

So the military justice system acquits the pilot who flew the plane that killed 20 people in Italy. That says we're the king of the world to an outraged, yet loyal ally.

Two week later we're launching 60 planes in 90 minutes out of the same air base to fly bombing missions over Kosovo. At least the bombs are smart.

"We have the complete protection of Italy assured," said General Wesley Clark, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. How reassured could Italians feel when that same military stonewalls a thorough seach for the truly culpable in its chain of command?

That's America's poster for the world at 2000. Military jet roaring through various terrains of our allies, their citizens fleeing in terror. Caption: Justice Sucks!

And a little farther east it's deny, deny, deny that U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq shared their reports with U. S. intelligence agencies. Turns out that was just what was going on all along.

So if we need a slogan for U. S. foreign policy lately I submit "It's good to be the capital of the world" and "Everyone else's right's suck" and "Let them eat lies".

Veja du all over again. And no catharsis. Yet.


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