Where It All Comes Together

New communications technologies have changed the world throughout human history. From our earliest grunts, growls and cave drawings to present-day interactive satellite and Internet technology, the development of new ways of bringing information to the masses has affected not only the ways we define our world, but also how we define ourselves.

Now, as we sit on the brink of the millennium, we are in the exciting position of being witness and participant to what may be the most powerful medium of communication mankind has ever known:


The growth of the Internet in recent years can be compared to the early days of radio and television. While the proliferation of those technologies certainly did not kill traditional mediums such as the printed word, it did much to change them. Similarly, the Internet is poised to drastically change the way we recieve our information.

But perhaps the most significant change the Internet will bring to existing media is its ability for us to send as well as receive. For the first time, mass media is truly interactive.

Douglas Jordan