Smile! You've Been Caught...

On Camera

Having a recognized name may deem you a suitable target for the paparazzi, but that is not always the case. As many photo editors explain, you have to be in demand, or be caught in an embarrassing situation. Here are a few examples of those celebrities that have been caught--by paparazzi surprise:

A photographer confronted Alec Baldwin and wife, Kim Basinger, as they brought their newborn daughter home from the hospital to their Hollywood abode. Baldwin was arrested after freelance photographer, Alan Zanger, alleged that the angry actor gave him a black eye. A jury acquitted Baldwin for misdemeanor charges in March 1996.
Actor George Clooney, upset about a broadcast of his girlfriend, urged a boycott of Paramount Pictures becasue of its tabloid TV shows' use of "video paparazzi" footage. Clooney claims that paparazzi peered into his house and took pictures of him and his girlfriend, which was later aired on Entertainment Tonight and Hard Copy.
Earlier this year,Johnny Depp chased off photographers in London with a piece of wood outside a restaurant. The Sun reported that Depp "flipped out" and started screaming obscenities when photographers tried to take his picture.
During the filming of Evita in Argentina, paparazzi paid small children to lie down in front of her car so she might accidentally run them over; when they stopped the car, the paparazzi went on a shooting spree. When she married Sean Penn in 1985, overweening paparazzi attention provoked a series of altercations that eventually led to Penn serving one month in the L.A. County jail for assualting a photographer. They divorced in 1989, but not because of the paparazzi.
In late 1995, Robert DeNiro was accused by camerman Joseph Ligier of pining him against an automobile outside a Manhattan bar, demanding that he hand over the video. According to Ligier, DeNiro "snapped." Ligier would not give up the camera, claiming he had footage of Julia Roberts on the same tape. Charges were eventually dismissed by the victim.
Woody Harrelson went to court for allegedly assaulting two aggressive cameramen during Ted Danson's wedding at Martha's Vinyeard in 1995. Technically Harrelson lost the case when the juge ruled in favor of Hard Copy video cameraman Paul Adao and Star magazine photographer Steve Connolly. Harrelson told the judge that he was only trying to protect his daughter from being photographed. Adao won $1 in damages; Connolly was awarded $2,558 to cover medical bills and to replace his camera and film. The biggest winner, however, was lawyer Lee M. Berger; the federal jugde ordered Harrelson to pay nearly $80,000 in lawyer fees and expenses--about $200 per hour for time spent on the case.
Last April, George Michael was caught with his pants down in a Beverly Hills bathroom. Michael told The Advocate magazine he suspects that a photogropher tipped off cops in order to sell photos that had been taken of him at the park a year earlier. Michael said the photographer was unable to sell the shirtless shots until the pop star was caught in the act--then, they were worth $100,000.
Almost one year ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger and pregnant wife, Maria Shriver, were ambushed by celebrity photographers and trapped in their Mercedes-Benz between two cars piloted.