About the author

My name is Adam C. Burdette.
I am currently a master's student in journalism at the University of Florida. I am also a lab instructor for a beginning media writing course taught by Dr. Julie Dodd. I coach 40 undergraduates a semester as they take their first steps toward a career in the mass media.

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism from Auburn University in 1996 and went to work for the Opelika-Auburn News. I was a copy editor and page designer there for two and a half years, serving as interim copy desk chief during the last three months of my tour of duty there.

I anticipate completing my master's degree in the spring of 2000. I have an interest in copy editing/page design as well as interactive media. I am excited by the potential of the Internet as a tool for gathering and disseminating information.

I am also frightened by the potential of the Internet as a tool for gathering and spreading false information. Rumors and lies are as easily found as truth, and I fear the propagation of folklore and untruth in an interactive realm.

With these hopes and fears in mind I have established this Web site. I hope it is useful, or at least interesting.

Believe it or not. Finding the truth. Rumors and hoaxes.
A grain of salt. Links, resources.

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