The Internet is revolutionizing the way agriculturalists manage their operations and lives. Joseph Dales, publisher of an on-line farming directory, said "Now we have unlimited access to the information that will help us make better decisions."

Farmers and ranchers, in particular, can use that information to create a larger profit margin and ensure their business' survival. Dr. Don Richardson of the Tele Commons Development Group recognized that the "marriage" of the Internet and agriculture could provide opportunities for new business, career, profit, learning and personal fulfillment. He also anticipated that more farmers around the world are going to use the Internet.

Henry James wrote that farmers are progressively expecting the Internet to save them both time and money and to have increased measurable value to their families and their family businesses. James believed that Internet usage by farm families is driven by their needs, not by technology.

Presenters at the World Congress of Young Farmers recommended as their favorite farm management site. John Deere started the venture and eventually invited other companies to join. Farmers can find agriculture news, weather, markets, maps, and use an agriculture-specific search engine. They can also send and receive e-mail, the most popular use of Internet technology.