Research Shows a Weakness in Hispanic Success Both In The Newsroom and on the News

In the world of television news, NBC has been praised for its Hispanic diversification efforts, increasing from 4% in 1996 to 16% in 1998, and contribute their highest-rated newscast to their ability to diversify. The growth of Spanish-language newspapers serve as an indication that Hispanics are attracted to careers in journalism, but the numbers of actual Hispanic journalists working in English-speaking newsrooms indicates the opposite.

Hispanics In The Newsroom

Supervisors 2.4%
Copy/Layout Editors 2.6%
Reporters 3.4%
Photographers 5.0%
Overall 3.2%

Ethnicity in the Newsroom

Whites 88.9%
Blacks 5.4%
Asians 2.0%
Native Americans 0.4%

--Only two Hispanics appeared as experts on mainstream-topics on the news--brain cell surgery and gender equity.

--The news was not all bad. Hispanics appeared as experts in stories related to Hispanics five times--a considerable improvement over 1994 which was none.

--Hispanics appeared on camera as interview subjects in more than half of the stories aired about them, an improvement over both 1995 and 1996.

--With 47 stories, CBS aired the most stories on Hispanics (in one year). ABC had 38, and NBC had 27.

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