Recent Governmental Recommendations

In response to the cyber-attacks of February 2000, and to the growing demand of several government agencies such as the FBI to establish a stronger regulatory framework and resources to deal with technology-related crime, the US presidential Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet has issued the following recommendations:

  • "Apply criminal justice principles used against offline crimes to online crimes as regulations for the latter are being crafted, with due consideration for such other principles as protection of privacy and civil liberties;

  • Update law enforcement skills, tools, methods and procedures of federal, state and local agencies, in coordination with international counterparts, to meet challenges posed by Internet crime;

  • Enlist the active participation of private sector, media and civil society to combat this new menace, particularly through education on "cyberethics" and development of appropriate technologies to keep a step ahead of Internet criminals."

In response to the critic that federal laws do not distinguish between traditional communication channels and the Internet, the report also noted that "there may be a few instances...where relevant federal laws need to be amended to better reflect the realities of new technologies, such as the Internet."

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