Data Analysis

The results of the data analysis disproved my hypothesis. There was neither a clear connection between an increase in revenue, increase in # of employees nor rank with the variables. The variables checked whether or not two-way communication was utilized by the sampled companies included, but were not limited to whether or not there was a website, an interactive link, a subscription page or an employment opportunity link.

Contact e-mail was one of the variables I looked for in the sampled companies to determine whether they had some type of two-way communication on their websites to facilitate the communication between the company and its customers. I found that out of the 80 surveyed only 62 had websites, and out of those 62, 46 had a Contact Us link. The Contact Us link is important to determine the company’s two-way communication.

Another variable looked at was the presence of a public relations page on the website. A public relations page is important to establish good media relations as well as letting your public know what and how the company is currently doing, as well as who the company is. Out of the 62 companies with websites, only 44 had a public relations page. It was also significant that of the 46 companies which had Contact Us links, 44 had public relations pages, therefore demonstrating the company’s efforts of two-way communication.

I checked the sampled websites for the presence of surveys. A survey is a major form of two-way communication, as it allows the visitor to the site to answer specified questions rather than simply entering their own comments. Of the 62 of 80 companies with websites, only five companies' websites included some type of survey. That is a discouraging 8%.

Another variable important in measuring two-way communication was the availability of an intra-company keyword search. This does not include links to web browsers such as yahoo, etc... Keyword searches assist the visitor in easily finding specific information desired. For instance, the visitor would be able to search for "store locations" and would receive an appropriate list. Only 17 companies sampled had keyword searches, with no majority seen in either the top 250 or the bottom.

Job opportunity links was another variable. The availability of information on attaining job information on the Internet is an important measurement of two-way communication of the sampled companies. The results showed that 46 of the 62 companies selected from the Forbes 500 list did indeed have job opportunity links. This is impressive, as that calculates to almost 75%.

Being able to receive newsletters or company updates is an important factor of two-way communication. This and the presence of a bulletin board fall under the category of having a subscription option. 19 of the 62 companies with websites had a subscription option with only 3 of the sampled companies in the top 250 having this option, whereas did 16 sampled in the lower 250. This is one indication of why our hypothesis was incorrect, as in accordance, the higher ranked companies would have had more surveys.

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