Plagiarism Survey

Are you a cheater, too?

Any results drawn from this survey will remain anonymous. This survey is for research purposes only. All fields are optional, however the most truthful and comprehensive responses will yield the most valid results. Thank you for your time and information.

Student Information (optional)

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Internet Information

Rank your familiarity with the Internet.
0="This is my first time online." to
5="I taught Bill Gates everything he knows.":

How accessible is the Internet to you?
0=I must steal my roommates school i.d. and run 8 miles to the lab to surf the Net.
5=My cell phone bill is astronomical from 24/7 connection:

What computer operating systems are you familiar with?
From where do you access the Internet?
Mobile Connection

What Would You Do?

Question: You are teaching Ancient Greek Mythology and each of your 400 students will submit a 12 page paper on the topic of their choice. They must submit a digital copy because you want to post them online. How exactly can you do this? Making the site password protected limits access to a very small group. However, posting them will leave them easy targets for plagiarizers. How can you balance academic exchange of information with the rights of your students?
Question: Would you submit the papers to an Internet engine, like to detect lifted material? Why or why not?

Are You a Cheater?

Have you ever plagiarized?
Yes, I have... (please select as many as apply)
  • Bought a paper from a research service or term paper mill.
  • Turned in a "free" term paper from a mill?
  • Turned in another student's work with his/her knowledge.
  • Turned in another student's work without his/her knowledge.
  • Lifted more than 8 consecutive words from a work without proper acknowledgement.
  • Copied from a souce text, documented the source, but left our the quotation marks.
  • Paraphrased material from a source text without proper documentation.
How often do you or have you plagiarized?

Never Once A few times A few times a semester Every assignment
How serious an offense is plagiarism?

It's an offense? I had no idea.
It's like running a stop sign, it's only wrong if you get caught.
It could lead to some serious consequences, including failure or expulsion.
It's immoral to steal another's work, and then take credit for it being your own.
How could a professor prevent you or other students from plagiarizing?

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