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Tips for Sellers

Successful dealers of sellers on Internet auction sites use a few key ideas to make sure one achieves a money making deal.

1. Give a Complete Description

This description should give detail information concerning the item up for bid. Common information includes size, color, use, method and cost of shipping, means of payment preferred, and any damage of faults the item may contain. Remember being honest is the only way to establish a great reputation as a seller.

2. Add a Picture

Having a picture of the item to accompany your description will add credibility your auction. The picture will also allow the bidder to have confidence on the quality of the item they are bidding.

3. Check Bidder's Reputation

Most auctions sites have some means of checking a bidder's reputation.

4. Be Courteous to Bidders

When contacting bidders via e-mail or the phone remember that the objective is to complete a sale. One also can build relationships with customers and develop repeat business.(ebay 3, 2000)

5. Use HTML to Spice up your Discription

In your description use bold and color html tags to emphasize certain features of your item.(Yahoo 2, 2000)

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