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So you have decided to join your friends and co-workers and venture into the world of e-commerce known as on-line auctions. You have heard all the hoopla about the on-line sites ebay, Auction Universe, and Up4Sale but do not know where to begin. Well my friend, you have come to the right place. This site will introduce you to the world of auctions by providing a history of auctions, defining auction types, sharing helpful tips for buying and selling, and providing some popular links.

A typical on-line auction transaction will consist of five steps.

  1. Bidders, registered users, find an item and bid on it as high as they would like and as often as they would like.
  2. After the prescribed time of the auction ends the high bidder wins the item.
  3. The seller and bidder contact each other via e-mail to finalize the sale. At this time the seller informs you of the additional shipping cost, if they have not already.
  4. The winner sends the seller the payment.
  5. The seller receives payment and ships the item.

(Kaiser, 1999)

History Auction Buyer's Guide Seller's Guide Links Bibliography