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Tips for Buyers

Use the following tips to make your on-line bidding experience enjoyable.

1. Know the item you are bidding on

Make sure the description of the item is clear and if not e-mail seller with questions you may have. Check the seller's terms of payment. When you place a bid you agree to the listed terms.

2. Use a Proxy

a. A bidder specifies the maximum amount willing to pay. This undisclosed amount is referred to as your proxy bid.

3. Check seller's reputation

Most auctions sites have some means of checking a seller's reputation. Buy only from those given rave reviews by those who have done business with them in the past.

4. Write down vital auction information

The seller's name and e-mail address will be needed to contact the seller at the end of the auction. The auction number will also be handy for identifying your item when contacting the seller.(ebay 1, 2000)

6. Straight Bidding

Some sites like Yahoo auctions let you bid an exact amount you bid.

7. Automatic Bidding

Many sites give you a choice between straight bidding and automatic bidding. Automatic bidding a bidder to enter the maximim amout they are willing to pay for an item. The system automaticly places bids for you at the lowest increment as other bids are placed. Once your maximim amount is out bid then you are out of the auction until you place another bid.(Yahoo 1, 2000)

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