About Me

Iím someone who wants to do what the people written about here do. Or, if foreign correspondent sounds too dignified a term, I want to be a reporter who gets to poke around to see what the other six billion fellow carbon life forms are up to. No point in spending most of my statistically allotted 74.6 years sitting in an office waiting to collect social security (assuming that itíll still be there) and wonder nervously if anybody will find a cure for all those diseases before one gets me.

I first fell in love with journalism when I read Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson and, to a lesser extent, P.J. OíRourke (his ideological bent notwithstanding, he writes a hell of a piece) and realized that this too is journalism! No mind-numbing summary leads and inverted pyramids here covering the four Ws--who, where, which, what the fuck or something like that--of journalism. They are reporters who tell amazing stories about a reality so twisted it makes fiction almost redundant. And naturally I said, I too can do this...Why not.

So here I am, a journalism student at the University of Florida. Before moving to Gainesville, I lived in Washington, DC, before that in New Jersey, before that in Europe, before that in Jersey again, before that in another part of Europe, before that in Africa, before that back in Europe and before that I hadnít been born yet.

Me in a nutshell. Needless to say, I love to travel and have done a bit of it. The most unique experiences Iíve had, the most interesting people Iíve met (with all due respect to my friends), have all been while I was on the road.

Favorite Books

The so-called New Journalism has not only produced great literature, but my inspiration to become a reporter. A couple of my favorite reporters were already mentioned above. When it comes to war reporting, Michael Herrís Dispatches and John Sackís M are my favorite.

Other favorites include Mort Rosenblumís Coups and Earthquakes, and H.L. Menckenís Newspaper Days is must reading for all those over-achievers who feel they should go straight from journalism school to the White House press corps. My favorite novel is Joseph Hellerís Catch-22. Machiavelli, Rousseau, Nietzsche, Fitzgerald, Orwell and Hemingway round off my list of favorite writers.

Lastly, I also have a personal page listing my hobbies and assorted rantings and ravings on matters ranging from beer brewing to the downside of pursuing a PhD.

Me in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris. I have the distinction of being one of the few people ever kicked out of the museum: I made a tour guide break down and tearfully admit they have no idea what happened to the original painting of the dogs playing poker. Later the museum released a statement blaming it all on Herman Goering.

Palladio's Giorgio Maggiore shot from Piazza San Marco (Venice, Italy).

Downtown Salzburg (Austria), Mozart's hometown, shot from Hohensalzburg Fortress.
Soviet military band under the Branderburg gate in Berlin ( 1991).