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The Zapatistas In Cyberspace


Site Logo: Shows a Zapatista hooked up to a futuristic headset computer       This site is one of the most impressive that I have visited in my search for good-quality information about the Zapatistas. With hundreds of links, the site provides the visitor with a comprehensive guide to related sites all over the globe in a variety of languages. From this one link, anybody interested in doing some serious research about the Zapatistas would be in excellent shape. The design of the site is that of an information directory, displaying on the index page the various related links from the Zapatista Women's movement in Mexico to the Italian Solidarity site in Europe.

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Zapatista Political Art

      This web site displays a gallery featuring dozens of full-screen works of computer-generated art dedicated to the Zapatista movement. The gallery was created by a Brazilian freelance artist named Latuff, who stated that the Zapatista rebellion and the resulting violence of the Mexican army (in what later came to be known as the Acteal massacre) inspired him to design a web site full of original art dedicated to the Zapatista struggle. One of the site's many cartoon designs
      Latuff wanted to share his support for the Zapatista movement with the Cyber community by putting together a spicy bunch of political cartoons and color drawings that once clicked upon, open onto the visitor's computer screen with the powerful effect of their various messages. The site's art is varied, although in general it is highly critical of the U.S. and Mexican governments for their treatment of the Zapatista army and the indigenous people of Mexico. The artwork titles are found both in Spanish and English. If you are not easily offended, I would check this site out. Some of these "masterpieces" are pretty clever!!

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Zapatista Documentary Site

      This site is an example of the possibilities of the Internet to inform the Cyber world about productions that otherwise receive very little mainstream publicity. This site introduces and provides a synopsis for the award-winning documentary film made by Nettie Wild. Documentary Banner
      The film, like the site, is entitled " A Place Called Chiapas: 8 Months Inside the Zapatista Uprising." The site gives the visitor information into the making of the film, its content, and dates and locations of the film's showings depending your location. If any of you happen to see it, please send me an e-mail with your review. I will include it here in this site!

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The EZLN Historical site

      This site, entitled in Spanish El Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional provides a wealth of information about the EZLN from an ideological and historical perspective. The site also allows the reader to download every written Communique that the group ever sent out via e-mail during the first few weeks of the rebellion of January 1994. A Zapatista Speedy Gonzalez found on the site
      Also available on the site are the records of meetings between the EZLN and the Mexican government. On the home page there is some beautiful poetry in Spanish (also translated into English) that illustrates the indigenous struggle. I recommend this web site for its rich content and depth of analysis.

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The Food for Chiapas Site

       This site provides the details of a non-profit organization that is working to raise food for Chiapas, Mexico, the homeland of the Mayan peoples of the country. This site is an example of what can come about when a group as deserving as the Zapatistas is recognized. Since their struggle came under the international media's limelight six years ago, solidarity sites such as this one have popped up all over the World Wide Web. The Food for Chiapas Web Logo

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