"Me and my husband were happily married for 10
years. Ever since we got our computer, I go to bed
alone, while he speaks to all kinds of women in the
chat rooms. I'm on the verge of filing for divorce.
Am I wrong to be jealous of a computer and am I
wrong to consider this cheating?" (The Straits Times,
1999, p. 11)*

According to research done by Kimberly Young, the
executive director of the Center for On-Line Addiction
in Bradford, Penn., the types of Internet addiction include:
(Trueland, 1999)*

Cybersexual addiction
Compulsive use of adult websites for pornography.
Cyber-relationship addiction
Over-involvement in online relationships.
Net compulsions
Obsessive online gambling, shopping or day trading.
Information overload
Compulsive web surfing or database searches.
Computer addiction
Obsessive computer game playing (Doom or
Solitaire, for example)