"My wife just informed me that, not only is she a lesbian,
but has been since long before our marriage of 34 years.
She has found a cyber-lover that has escalated to phone
calls and a three-day "real world" weekend with her lover
and other lesbian friends." (The Straits Times, 1999, p. 11)*

Therapy is used to help Internet addicts overcome their
addictions. Therapists use talking sessions and programs
to change behavior. (Donn, 1999)* For example, Kimberly
Young treats patients at the Center for On-Line Addiction.
The center uses e-mail and chat rooms to help people
reduce Internet use. (Rumbelow, 1999)*

Other treatments include teaching time management,
changing thought processes and improving social relationships
in the real world. (Timmins, 1999)* Sometimes, psychotherapy
can be used to help the addict with underlying problems
such as social phobia, mood disorders, marital problems
or job problems. (Boseley, 1999)*