"I've spent between four and 15 hours a day online for the
last four years now. I currently am involved in an online
relationship with a woman from Austin, Texas, and I have
both attached and unattached cyber-sex with more people
than I can conveniently count, while physically, in real life,
I am a virgin." (The Straits Times, 1999, p. 11)*

This quote and others found in this web site are from an
article in The Straits Times. The article described appeals
from the families of Interent addicts that were posted on
various Internet addiction web sites.

Today, computers are becoming more and more common
in the workplace and at home. Many adults, teenagers
and children use computers. Some use computers excessively,
which has lead to a new type of illness: Internet addiction.

The Internet may encourage deviant, deceptive or even
criminal acts because it is anonymous. For example, it may be
easier for users to be more aggressive or view illegal images.
(Garner, 1999)*

Surfing the net for more than four hours a day can create high
levels of dopamine in the brain, according to research done by
the European Union. These levels of dopamine are similar to
those found in the brains of compulsive gamblers. (Rumbelow,

The typical Internet addict is in his or her late twenties, is well-
educated and is socially introverted. (Rumbelow, 1999)*

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