The Flucuating B-2-C Market

The Business to Consumer market has often been compared to a land race. That is to say that the first person to set up shop will take a lead in their market. But do to recent shake ups in the market a lot more is now to be expected of these companies. The B-2-C market is extremely vast, anything you have ever bought or will ever want to is available online. Before the Internet people obviously have had places to buy consumer goods. These companies are now reffered to as the old economy and brick and mortar stores, and they are using their customer loyalty and brand name to enter the new economy. Most of the new economy have only been in existance for a few years, but this also means that they are using new business models.

These new models result in online customer service, speed of delivery, and lower prices, While many brick and mortar companies are just using the same models as they have in the past. This is putting them at a competitive disadvantage, because they are unable to tap the full scale possibilities of the Internet. As this shake up continues, we will likely see an evening of the playing field. The new economy companies are currently being punished for lack of profits, due to growth strategies, while the old economy is starting to change their business models. In the end, we, the consumer will be the winners.