Broadband: "need for speed"

As what is often reffered to as the information age, actually comes to age, it is being held back because it doesn't have the bandwith that it needs to grow. The solution is broadband technologies. These are already heavily in use, but no one broadband technology has come to power. Currently many people are just happy with speed and convenience, and for this reason cable is one of the broadband industry leaders. Unfortunately for business purposes, heavy two-way communication is not supported by cable, but it is by DSL. In the short run DSL will surpass cable, but will eventually be beat out by satellite technology. DSL will continue to be widely used, even when satellites enter the market, due to lower costs.

"DSL, meanwhile, reprises the initial advantages of the WEB. DSL allows its customers to be consumers and producers of broadband content. With an always-on connection and fast upstream bandwidth, DSL will be the medium that allows the most interactive content and two-way content."