Dominating B-2-C is the unquestioned leader and pioneer of B2C e-commerce. This is in large part due to its founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos was a business man with no retail experience back in 1994 when he incorporated His original idea was to sell books on the Internet. This simple idea developed into a company that has a current value greater than Sears, all due to growth potential. Much of this success can be attributed to strategic decisions made during first few years.
"We did a year's worth of software development where the number of people in the company never exceeded 10. And the second year, after we had opened the store to the public, we didn't spend a dollar on pay advertising. All of our growth in that year was from word-of-mouth. People forget what it was like back then."
-Jeff Bezos
What did to differentiate itself was to provide an unparalelled selection of books, while including personalization that had not been seen before on the Internet. Much of this personaliation was possible because of the software development taking place at The website kept track of personal trends allowing it to make recomendations on books that customers would like based upon past purchases.

Today, has surpassed all expectations and has been continually entering new retail markets. As of recently, the site has begun to sell everything you could imagine. This due to their increased direct retail market, auctions and Z-shops.