A baby African elephant nurses from a (giant) bottle.

The Internet has formed a virtual community within the animal welfare movement, while broadening and strengthening that which exists overall. This community includes animal welfare organizations, agencies, officials, advocates and activists. Web presence and e-mail have facilitated a phenomenal level of communication, sharing and cohesion among groups and individuals.

Strengthening the community of the animal welfare movement is vital to education and activism for the cause. In a world where the human population is increasing at an accelerated pace, and where consciousness of animal and environmental issues is relatively low, animal advocates need a community in which to share information, news and support. (Why)

The Animal Rights Resource Site (ARRS) calls itself a "connection to the animal rights movement," but it's useful also to those involved. ARRS provides free access to collections of animal welfare frequently asked questions, publications and articles, e-mail lists, message boards, Web links, calendars of events and job postings. (Animal Rights)

A subcommunity of the animal welfare movement that is often overlooked, is shelter workers. The Humane Society of the United States' (HSUS) online version of its award-winning Animal Sheltering magazine calls itself a resource for community animal care, control and protection. Animal Sheltering Online, along with its hard-copy counterpart, is published 10 times a year. (Animal Sheltering, Publications)

At the world-wide level, Humane Society International (HSI) hosts the Animal information Alliance (AnimaliA), an e-mail list networking animal-protection organizations and individuals, wherever Internet service is provided. HSI says:

The goal of AnimaliA is to improve communication among dedicated animal protectionists in developing countries around the world. The network is a resource through which you can quickly and effectively ask questions, share ideas and solutions, and otherwise help animals. (AnimaliA)

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