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Recognizing the top search engines and how they can help you is the first step in submitting your web site. Don't waste time or money with automatic submission programs; submit by hand because you will get better results.

Remember, Yahoo! is NOT a search engine; it is a directory. Because it does not have a spider, if you don't submit your site to Yahoo!, it will NEVER get listed. It is the most popular and largest searching service. To get listed, you must search through their site for the category that most closely fits the topic of your site, then submit to that category.

Alta Vista
Alta Vista is the upscale search engine. It frowns upon all spamming techniques, repeated submissions, doorway pages, pages of low information value, and meta tags with unrelated keywords. It strives to contain a high value index.

As a medium-sized index, Excite likes sites dedicated to one topic. To Excite, this means no unrelated information to wade through. Excite disregards ALT text and comment tags, but relies heavily on your text.

Lycos will allow you to add multiple pages of your site, but if the pages are too similar in content, it is disregarded as spam. A problem for dynamic web sites, Lycos cannot handle web sites which are database driven. Any URL with an & or % sign cannot be included in the index. Also, Lycos cannot handle frames, so make sure your coding contains a <NOFRAMES> section.

HotBot is not a deep crawling spider, so be sure to submit multiple lower level pages of your site. It cannot handle frames or images maps. Unlike other search engines, it allows comment tags, but not ALT text. The title of the page is crucial; be sure to put RELEVANT keywords in there. Meta tags are also helpful.

WebCrawler is the smallest and one of the oldest search engines. It screens newly submitted sites for spamming and immediately disregards any sites which spam. WebCrawler does not support frames or image maps, but does support meta tags. Relevant titles and content are crucial.

For Infoseek, do not overuse keywords. Nonrelevant content, invisible text, and doorway pages are also frowned upon. It also does not index sites from certain URLs, such as the large Geocities URL.

Northern Light
Northern Light is not only a fairly large collection of indexed sites, but also has a feature that other search engines do not have. This feature is access to special documents. Anyone can search through these thousands of documents, but you cannot view them without paying a charge.

Ask Jeeves
To use most search engines, you must search for specific keywords. Ask Jeeves is human-powered so instead of typing in keywords, you can ask a question. Ask Jeeves will then give you sites that it feels will answer your question.

Google is a fairly new search engine. The main difference between Google and other search engines is that Google uses link popularity extensively. This link popularity essentially is a vote of all visitors of that website. The reason it is so popular is because individuals go to that site often.


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