Ripped Jeans Over the Decades

Really cool 80s guys

It was a cool thing amongst the punk era of teenagers to rip holes in your jeans & give them a worn out, tough guy look.

Kurt Cobain

90s: Loose, grungy

Flannel shirts & ripped jeans inspired by the grunge movement in rock & roll became popular. The late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was one of the posters for this style.

Agyness Deyn & Kate Beckinsale

Today: Sexy & revealing

Some view ripped jeans as a badge of honor. The style is sold in stores, & even top designers such as Versace & Gucci have incorporated them into their lines. Model Agyness Deyn sports the style boldly with shredding up & down the entire leg, while actress Kate Beckinsale opts for a more subtle take on the destroyed denim trend.