You can do it!

Put your jeans on in a mirror & mark where you want the rips to be. Suggestions: over the knees, mid-thigh, over the pocket areas &/or the back of your leg (but not too high up!).

Use the razor blade to cut slashes into the jeans. Cut a little bit less than your ideal rip length because they will expand from fraying after laundering.

Use whichever tools desired –cheese grater, vegetable peeler, sandpaper or whatever tools you can find with sharp edges– for more dramatic shredding/ripping/fraying.

The most important part of destroying your denim is washing & drying them, which activates the shredded glory.

Finally, make heads turn at any occasion, from a casual trip to the store to a glammed-up night downtown.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.