Protecting Your Skin

When running a marathon, the risk of chaffing increases as you begin to sweat more and your skin rubs against the seams of your clothes. Watch this video for instructions on how to avoid this painful skin irritation.

Runner's Toolkit

Artists have their brush collection, mechanics have their tool boxes. It only makes sense that runners have their own set of supplies for race day.

The Collection

Vaseline: No one likes to talk about it, but chaffing can be one of the most bothersome irritations during or after your marathon. Watch the video to learn more about how to prevent this painful skin irritation.

GU Energy Gel: A complex carbohydrate that helps sustain runners during distance runs. The consistency is similar to frosting or a thick jelly, and it comes in several flavors: anything from lemon to espresso love.

Medical Tape and a Sharpie: This may sound strange, but writing your name on a piece of tape and putting it on your shirt could earn you a little extra encouragement on race day. People in the crowd will cheer for you by name, giving you the motivation to keep going.

Moleskin: great for blister care

Camera: to document the big day

Extra change of clothes: you’ll be soaked by the end of the race

Sandals: air out your feet after the race

Sunscreen: Although most marathons start early, the sun usually peaks out in the last few miles of the race